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On the cusp

[This entry was originally posted on my MySpace blog. It was transferred to WordPress on 1/20/2013.]

Junebug is just starting to get our feet wet again.  Also, there have been talks of three of the members of the Blue Orange getting back together again.  Two nights ago, the bass player of coach reverend told me we should play again.  And with Pink Floyd performing at Live8, it looks like the world is finally coming back to its senses.

So here I go, getting started working on my solo stuff again.  I’m in a bit of a dry spell songwriting-wise, so I’m putting together an album of cover tunes.  But not covers that the world would be familiar with.  It’s tentatively going to be entitled People I Like and it’s set to be covers of songs written by friends of mine.  I’m hesitant to mention any names because I don’t really have anything worked up as of now, nor have I actually spoken to anyone about using their songs.  Hopefully, I can get to work on that in a couple weeks when Liza is in Chicago and her brother is in Minnesota.  I’ll have the house to myself and I can play loud music as late as I want and as loud as I wish.  Hopefully then I can actually finish off Chapter 3 and get working on the next one.

Rawk on,

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