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Eighth album in the works – this time it’s politics. Oh no!

[This entry was originally posted on my MySpace blog. It was transferred to WordPress on 1/20/2013.]

While I haven’t taken the time to actually finish off Chapter 3 completely (I’ve just got two songs left to record), and while I’ve been very busy with Junebug lately, I’ve begun writing for my eighth recorded-at-home album of original songs.

Lately, I’ve been a little upset and somewhat disturbed by things coming out of our government.  It’s not normally like me to actually stand up and voice my political views in public, but when the vice president called me reprehensible for opposing the war and the president called me irresponsible for disagreeing with him, I got a little defensive I suppose.

Both the creative bug and the political bug started crawling all over me and biting me in various places.  I started coming up with ideas and putting them down.  There are also some previous songs of mine that fit in with the theme and I plan on re-recording those for this project when I actually begin.

Thus far, the titles of songs I have are as follows:

Day 9
The Proposed Crusade of King George II
All I Can Do
The Jungle
Out of the Frying Pan
And Into the Fire
Ghost Town
Our Voices

<<Edit:  Updated tracklist 12-17-05>>

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