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Winners – Dreams & Schemes

January 23, 2006 Leave a comment

[This entry was originally posted on my MySpace blog. It was transferred to WordPress on 1/20/2013.]

The Battle of the 48 Hour Bands wrapped up yesterday.  After a day and half of heavy practicing, banging out chords, hitting drums, bowing strings, and blowing a sax, the band I was in took the stage, and played what we had worked up.

The running order and lineup of the bands was as follows;
(I don’t know everyone’s names, so forgive me)

1.  Butt-Bellied Cyclops
Marcus Hooks – guitar
Alex Kolb – bass
Craig Voigt – guitar
Beccah [?] – vocals

2.  Dreams & Schemes
Tony Kollman – guitar, percussion, vocals
Stephanie Foster – violin
Alexis Burckhard – Alto saxophone
Trevor Lebeau – guitar, percussion

3.  Sally Jessy Raphael
Jeremy Burckhard – guitar
Nick Howell – drums
Lexi Grote – violin, bells
Lauren Kessler – keys

4.  Thomas Edison
Anthony Bergman – keys, vocals
[?] – guitar
Chad Voigt – drums
Josh “Leswlie” [?] – drums

5.  Could A Film Be Next
Will Brown – guitar, vocals
Sierra Dawn – guitar, vocals
Altman Studeny – banjo, accordian, vocals
Tyson [?] – guitar, vocals

6.  The Holy Moly
Dustin Marks – guitar, bass
Rosanne Rougemont – hand drums
[?] – guitar, vocals

Our band decided on “Dreams & Schemes” as a name.  Our item was a Billy Idol cassette tape, so Steph printed out the lyrics from that album.  “Dreams & Schemes” is what we came up with.  Our song titles also came from Billy Idol lyrics; “Panic Patches,” “Wall of Blocks,” and “Long Legged Lovelies.”  And there was another song cut from the set that was affectionately enititled, “Five Buck Side Pack.” We have no idea what it means, but Mr. Idol used it twice in two different songs. So it must be meaningful.

In the midst of the process, we took a break and talked about the “All Access” buttons that the participants were given for the competition.  We talked about how rockin’ it would be if we had buttons of our own.  After we decided that wouldn’t quite work out, we moved to t-shirts.  It turns out that Alexis’s aunt Megan has the capability to do screen printing.  So Liza came and took some pictures of us and Megan made us shirts.  I wondered if it was lame to wear our own shirts at our own show.  It just might be.  But it was fun nonetheless.

The contest was a blast.  It went so quickly.  Our set was only about 12 minutes long, but it was kind of a rush.  After the first song, there was a great, loud applause that we could tell was more than just polite clapping.  It was surprising and very flattering.  It felt great.  After all the bands played, and the judges were deliberating, the ballots were passed around and tallied for the People’s Choice Award.  The winner?  Dreams & Schemes.  After the judges returned, the results were read;  Third Place – Sally Jessy Raphael.  Second Place – Could A Film Be Next.  First Place – Dreams & Schemes.  As winners, we get our own headlining show (tentatively set for Feb. 10) with others from the contest playing as opening bands.

It was really a fun thing.
We have our own MySpace now and everything…only not any music yet.  Anthony taped the show and as soon as we can get audio from it, we’ll get music up.  Hopefully sooner than later.  But check out the profile anyway.  There are pictures and stuff too.


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Battle of the 48 Hour Bands

January 21, 2006 Leave a comment

[This entry was originally posted on my MySpace blog. It was transferred to WordPress on 1/20/2013.]

Well, the project is under way.  A bunch of people gathered at the Red Rooster on Friday night to begin this crazy thing.  Musicians of all kinds; drummers, guitarists, violinists, saxophonists, etc., etc.  Names were drawn at random out of a bucket four at a time.  Those four are a band.  The next four are a band, and so on.  The groups have until Sunday at 1:00 p.m. to come up with a band name based on a random item drawn from a crate, and to write three original songs (with the option of one cover), somehow incorporating two randomly drawn words into the set somewhere.

My group consists of myself, Trevor Laboe, Alexis Burckhard, and Stephanie (I always forget her last name).  We don’t have a name yet, but the item we pulled out of the crate was a Billy Idol cassette.  Inspiration abounds.  My suggestions were “Not a Has-Been” and “Classic Plastic”.  They were quickly shot down unfortunately.  The words that have to be worked into the set are “Hawaii” and “arachnophobia”.

We have practiced once thus far for a couple hours.  It went very well and felt very good.  I played guitar for awhile and a djembe for a bit as well.  Trevor played guitar a bit and djembe too.  Steph plays the violin, and Alexis is a twelve-year-old who plays saxophone.  It’s a unique mix and it’s quite fun.  So far, it seems like a great and worthwhile project.

Tonight when I got home, I began working on lyrics for a song that I’m calling “Paradigms”.  It’s a bit of an abstract, but it makes sense on some levels.  And it also contains the word “arachnophobia”.  Hmmm…

It’s a good time.  Everyone who can should come out to the “battle”.  It begins on Sunday at 1:00 p.m.  The judges are Pete Burckhard (Pop from Pop’s Blue Rhythm Band), Jeff Andrews (president of Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association), and Doug Rezac of the Mobridge recording studio.  The winners get a trophy, a headlining gig, and of course – fame.  Right?

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