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Guster: Scooter for a Day (II)

[This entry was originally posted on my MySpace blog. It was transferred to WordPress on 1/20/2013.]

The Guster: Scooter for a Day contest results were posted on the 12th.  The guys posted the top 8, and unfortunately, our video was not on the list.  We were sad too, because the runners up all got free tickets and backstage passes to a show of their choice.  But we weren’t really surprised.  After we posted ours, there were a LOT of really good entries.  We were sad, but I was satisfied with their choices.

But then – I got an email tonight from Brian – Guster’s drummer:

i want you to know i lost my shit with the “liza minelli” “gary
coleman” voice in your you tube entry.  and that you were in the top
10.  come to think of it, i don’t know why we limited it to 8.  sorry
you’re not coming on a boat with us, but whatever show you want to come
to this spring, let me know and i can hook up the tickets and the
backstage passes.  thanks for playing!  good shit.


So it seems we didn’t really lose after all.  My day is made and Liza and I are looking at tour dates tonight.

Thanks for all the support, folks!

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