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Junebug: Anthony, Tony, Brandon, Dustin

I have been lucky enough to have been involved in a number of musical projects over the years. At one point, I was active in five regularly performing bands at one time. Now and then we’d play shows in which I played in the two opening bands as well as the headlining band. I would end up playing balls-to-the-wall for four hours straight. I loved that. I’ve always been a fan of the long concert. This took place in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where I used to live. Take a peek at my old South Dakota bands, The Blue Orange and Fed By Doris.

I began playing music with a couple guys, Anthony and Dustin, many years ago in North Dakota. We have been playing together off and on for about sixteen years, but we started getting a little more into it just a few years ago. We moved from the Dakotas out to the Twin Cities, since there’s such a vibrant music scene here. We’re called Junebug and we like to play funky and fun rock music. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and our main goal is to have and to provide a good time.

We recorded our first album Share at IPR with two engineering students, Gabe Masterson and Dan Hartwig.

Our second album Modern Day Fairy Tales was recorded at Fur Seal studio in Minneapolis with engineer Joe Johnson.

We’ve played many shows in the Twin Cities, including the Twin Cities Pride Festival, the Basilica Block Party, KARE 11’s “Showcase Minnesota” along with other television and radio appearances, thanks to our former bassist, Nick, who had a real knack for booking and promotion. Our new bassist Brandon has been working hard and holding his own and finding his place in our lineup. We’re currently planning, writing, and rehearsing a couple EPs.

My work in this band consists of playing drums, creating and maintaining our web presence, overseeing our bank account and managing our merchandise. Soon, I’ll be sharing a good deal of the engineering and production duties, too. It’s a lot of work. But y’know. When you believe in something, you go above and beyond.

Looking to the future, I would love to own and operate my own fully functioning media center targeted specifically toward independent bands. I would love to offer all band-related services with no exclusivity contracts. You want your album or EP recorded? Come to us. You want your music video produced? Come to us. You want photography, podcast help, press pack construction, a live album or live show DVD? Come to us. That’s my ultimate goal. That’s how I would love to earn my living.

It never hurts to dream. Daring to dream is what got me to the Cities and got me in the place I’m in now, studying engineering and music business and putting me on a path to discovering my life’s work.

Find more Junebug videos (with actual music) at the Junebug YouTube Channel

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