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The Mighty Hipstamatic

IMG_0389Photography is a bit of hobby I’ve picked up recently. Or again, I suppose. My mother has always been into photography and in my early years she did a good job of teaching me a lot of what she knew about it. I was a photographer for my high school yearbook all four years of school (chief photographer my senior year). It fell off shortly after and the near photo silence continued into recent years. Unfortunately, these were the years in which I traveled the U.S. and Europe extensively, and I therefore don’t have a crazy photographic record of my journeys like I wish I did. Plus photography was expensive.

Now, in the midst of the digital revolution, we don’t need to pay for film, and cameras are everywhere. We have small digital cameras, we have cell phone cameras and iPods have cameras in them these days, too. The digital revolution has also borne the magical Photoshop, which makes all our dreams come true. Furthermore, we have applications for our handheld mobile devices that filter and process our photos on the fly and on the go to make them look killer.

My favorite vintage camera iPhone app, which I am a little obsessed with right now is Hipstamatic. This app simulates the old analog Hipstamatic camera, of which only a few were made. You can switch out different lenses for different effects as well as different types of film and different flashes. It creates some stunningly intriguing images. See the gallery of some of my recent Hipstamatic shots below.

Some say these apps are “cheating.” I do not, and here’s why; I am making creative decisions in lining up the shots. Just like an adjustable camera, you have to make choices. You have to set the ISO, white balance, shutter speed and aperture in an adjustable. In the case of the Hipstamatic app, I am choosing which lens goes well with which film and which flash, or no flash. Plus, it is the shooter’s eye lining up the shot itself. A photographer friend of mine once told me, “It is never the equipment, only the photographer’s eye.”

Well-said. And applicable here.

The Hipstamatic retails for $1.99 at the iTunes App Store and has add-ons available for purchase within the app.

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