I don’t have a relevant resume, per se. The resume I’ve got deals mostly with the various retail and service jobs I’ve held in the past ten years — the period of time in which I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Northern State University in Aberdeen, S.D., as well as minors in Music and Theater. But I’ve recently realized my true calling lies somewhere in the music and audio industries.

I have received education in music my whole life. I’ve been a member of countless ensembles, combos and groups. I have been playing music in bands since about the age sixteen (pretty much half my life). In recent years, I have taken on a number of business responsibilities of my current band Junebug, which include web presence, social networking, online gig promotion, merchandise management and financial management.

I have always been interested in the production aspect of music. Years ago, I took it upon myself to self-produce my own personal music project, tonyLkollman, in my basement, using a painfully out-of-date digital audio workstation. As Junebug moved on to recording sessions in studios I was always fascinated with the production aspect, constantly wondering, “what does this knob do? What does that button do?”

I decided to find out what they do, which brought me to the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, where I earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Audio Production and Engineering. As a student I completed recording projects, mixing projects, photography projects, and video editing projects. I have had exposure to Final Cut Pro, Photoshop CS5, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live. I am certified in Avid Pro Tools 9|HD. I landed on the Dean’s List in all six quarters of study, and I graduated magna cum laude, third in my class.

Studied with: Steve Hodge, Dave Gardner, Brian Jacoby, Mary Jane Alm, Dik Shopteau, Adam Levy, Bob Jenkins

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